Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bright Ideas

I had a bright idea this year where I would sew up some Halloween costumes for the minions. I have a little bit of little man's monkey suit to finish up this afternoon but I managed to start and finish little miss' Red Riding Hood Cape this morning. I think it's a hit.
At least little man digs it. The kicker is that I was at the store the other day scoping out some Halloween costumes that were on sale for potential dress up stuff to use as Christmas presents and I saw this little white snow princess something-or-other ensemble that I thought about picking up for little miss because I figured she would wear that no problem. I didn't pick it up because "Everyone loves a cape right? She'll wear it.". Ha ha. We will have to see how it goes. She may go Trick or Treating as little miss this year :)

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